I feel good!

September 2, 2009 — 6 Comments

Today, we’re enrolling our daughter in classes at Florida Christian College and I’m looking at old videos of her.  This video is from a youth Sunday at Journey a few years ago.  I was blessed to be able to sing a song with my wife, daughter (the cute blonde in the green shirt), and a couple of her friends.


6 responses to I feel good!


    Loved hearing this song! The harmony was beautiful! Warmed my heart!


    Great job guys!! Arron, I love the look on your face when you’re watching all of the girls sing. You look so proud. Ashton did awesome!! Tell her I’m proud of her!


    I loved the way your voices all fit together in harmony. It was completly AWESOME!!!!!!


    I’m with Tonia – I loved watching your face. You looked like a proud papa! You all did a great job.


    Reminds me of the FCC days when Acapella was blasting from the rooms! Excellent job! Ashton was blessed with a beautiful voice! I miss singing with Rhonda!


    This is sooo cute! I loved it!

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