Revival in Tennessee

August 19, 2009 — 4 Comments

I’m doing a revival this week.  I do at least one a year, but it seems there are fewer revivals than there used to be.

Do you know what a revival is?  I’m amazed at the number of people I meet who have never heard of a revival.

We’re having a great week.  The music is being led by the worship team from East Tennessee State University’s campus ministry and they are doing a great job.

I’m preaching messages from my latest book with Standard, “Go!” and the people seem to be enjoying themselves.  They’re responding well.  The  preacher and I wanted this to be an event that challenged his congregation towards a deeper spiritual commitment.  It seems to be working . . . for everyone involved.

I’ve been challenged by the faithfulness and spirit of the congregation and I’ve been reminded that everyone needs revival at some time or another.


4 responses to Revival in Tennessee



    Here at Northampton Church of Christ (hampton VA), we still hold revivals. I think sometimes we miss the point of a revival and maybe thats why fewer and fewer churches are holding revivals these days.

    We try to do a big call to the community (which is good) but revivals are not for the community (a family day at a park with free food would be a better idea) a revival is for the congregation to get them fired up for service and spiritual growth.

    I also think that some of our problems have been that we get people that are not relevant to our congregation. Getting a speaker for a revival should be like the preacher on staff, in that they have to know their audience and speak to them in a way that is exciting and refreshing.

    I pray that you are enjoying your time in revival and that lives are changed through the preaching of the gospel.



    Is it possible to do revival. Isn’t that something GOD does?


      Of course you’re right, Mike.
      The history of God’s people is filled with attempts to “manufacture” experiences with God (a number of the prophets cried out about this!) Having said that, I appreciate that a church can plan to seek or pleade for revival. In a way it’s no different than a church’s time of singing praises – what begins mechanically may often end up touching our hearts with a fresh awareness of God’s presence.


    Arron, I am from Bunker Hill Christian Church, I am still trying to see the “Banana” If you know what I mean, but I was challenged. Your words and sermons were very encouraging. I am now on a Mission / Evangelism team. I have a very important part in this team but I am stepping out, I am really getting out of my comfort zone. I am asking for your prayers and your guidance as well. My part in this team is overseeing the group I was assigned to as “Visitor Attraction” mainly. I really don’t know what we are calling it but the team is to plan for ways to attract visitors, to get them in the church or involved in church functions. This is a 3-fold ministry, my team gets them there, the next team welcomes them, the next one follows up with them and evangelizes. So if you have any resources other than the 3 books I have or any guidelines, I am open to anything new. This is really a big step for me. I am scared to death. Help, Pray, Encourage me!

    In Christ,

    Sandy Odum

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