Worship Experience in Guatemala

April 29, 2009 — 2 Comments

In my devotions today, I read some of the past entries in my journal.

I found an entry from last November.  I was in Guatemala and had just finished worshipping with the Christians there on Sunday morning.  In my room, after church, I listed some observations about the worship service.

1. Everyone participated enthusiastically

2. No frills–no lights, no Powerpoint, no cushions, no air-conditioning, no bulletins . . . no problem!

3. No instruments

4. No children’s ministry–they were all in the service . . . and behaved very well

5. There was a clock right behind the preacher’s head . . . but no one seemed to be watching the clock or care how long the service went.

6. We sang about 20 songs and they seemed to want to sing more!

7. I only understood a portion of the service, but my soul was filled nonetheless.

8. No one took attendance.


2 responses to Worship Experience in Guatemala


    isn’t it great that we serve a God that doesn’t have a specific language, when He is present all is understood. And not even to mention the passion that rings through the services. Let God speak and we all are willing to listen for any amount of time…Praise God! It is time to go on another mission trip!!!


    I like number 8! So funny.

    I remember a church service in Dominican Republic. The kids were in the service and they were good, but lively. People just didn’t mind if they walked around. The preacher at the beginning of the sermon said he would give a piece of candy to the one who paid the best attention. After the sermon he walked slowly to our aisle as he talked and handed it to me! Everyone laughed because of the surprised look on my face. I didn’t know what was going on…

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