Keys To Building a Great Team

April 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

I found some more good stuff in the packet of material Coach Don Meyer (of Northern State University) sent me.

Here’s a list of things he prepared for his coaches on building a great team.  As you can see, this list is great for anyone leading any kind of team in the sports-, business-, or church-world.

1. The Coaching staff must be on the same page–responsibilities organized.

2. Player development must be conducted daily–all areas of their life.

Know who you are and what your game is.

3.  Attract the best, toughest players we can to the program.

4. Promote the program locally, regionally, and nationally

Through . . .

a. Campus and student relationships

b. Community relationships

c. Reaching out to former players and alumni

d. Clinics–Free Fall clinic and on-the-road clinics

e. Coaching Academy

f. Camps

The Teaching Program

1) Prepare

2) Teach

3) Consistency

4) Compete

5) Close


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