Thanks to You and the Tebow Brothers

March 27, 2009 — Leave a comment

I love this blog and I love interacting with you.  I love your comments, your insights, your questions, and your wisdom.

I’m busy this morning trying to finish the last chapter of my next book (which is due to the publisher on Monday), but I had to pause and thank you for reading my blog.

As of this morning, my blog has had almost 3,500  visitors this month.  This is a record . . . and very humbling.  I thought only my Mom was reading my blog! 🙂

In case you’re interested . . .

These are the top posts from this month (with view counts): 


Seven Reasons Why Living Together Before 260
J4 on the Early Show This Morning! 103
A Few of My Favorite Quotes 61
Fireproof Message Video 60
Inspirational Story of Faith, Hope and L 50

The most viewed post I’ve ever written is the one on Robby Tebow with 306 views.  Who would’ve guessed there were that many Gator fans out there with the ability to read? 🙂  Go Vols!  (You all know I really like and respect the Tebows.  I just gotta keep it real!)

I’m so grateful for you.  Thanks for stopping by on a regular basis.

Stay in touch and I’ll keep trying to write things that inspire, encourage, motivate, challenge, and bless you, my friends.

You’ve surely blessed me and I’m so grateful.


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