“J4” Wins Spot In “Singing Family” Semis

March 16, 2009 — 1 Comment

Well, they made it to the next round.   Here’s a link to the story on CBS:  “J4” Wins Spot In “Singing Family” Semis – CBS News

Please keep praying for my nieces and nephews as they try to navigate through this experience faithfully.

(CBS) In the “Battle of the Kids,” it was “J4” who came out on top.

The J4 Smith family siblings from rural Bluff City, Tenn., aged 7 to 15, made their maiden appearance before an audience last week, pitted against the Sledge Grits Band, hailing from Salinas, Calif., and made up of four sisters ranging in age from 6 to 13.

Two-thirds of Early Show viewers casting ballots voted for “J-4,” it was announced on the broadcast Monday.

“J4” will face the top vote-getters from the previous two finalists’ rounds, on Wednesday, March 18, on the show.

The Oswald Brothers took Round One and the Peays narrowly won Round Two.

The two groups garnering the most viewer votes will then advance fo the “Face Off” finals.

The oldest two of the Smith siblings have played for a couple of years for services at the church across the street, where their dad, Mark, is pastor.

You’ll understand how “J4” got its name when you see its members’ names:

Jessi is 15 and plays guitar and violin and sings.

Jedidiah (also known as Jeddi) is 13 and plays drums and piano.

Josiah, 8, plays violin and guitar and sings backup.

Josephine, 7, plays keyboard.

Mark travels the country as a gospel singer, so that may be where the family talent comes from.

Their mom, Lori Smith, writes most of the band’s original music and coordinates their outfits.

Both family bands in their face off performed gospel numbers, a genre determined by the spin of a wheel the week before on The Early Show.


One response to “J4” Wins Spot In “Singing Family” Semis


    I am a local photographer that has been following the story of J4 – I would love to volunteer my services to the family for any portraits they may need/want for promotional /personal purposes. Just my way of saying that I support them in what they do!


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