Fireproof Message Video

March 9, 2009 — 3 Comments

Yesterday, we kicked off a 5-week series based on the movie, Fireproof.

I worked with an amazing film-maker who attends Journey, Cale J. Rogers, to produce a video to kick off our series.  I’m so proud of all the work that Cale did to produce this video message and make it available to a wider audience.

In the following message I lay out the three things we can do to spiritually fireproof our families.

Besides Cale, I want to thank Tyler Hice, and the Platte Valley Fire Department, in Kersey, Colorado for giving us unlimited access to their facilities, personnel, and training exercises.

You can learn about ways to protect your family from fire in your home:

Message: Fireproof Homes


3 responses to Fireproof Message Video


    Thank you Arron Chambers for Coming to ccyc and preaching to us. Its hard for me to follow some preaxcher but you…. I could really follow. We/I have been preaching your words to my friends and family, along with Northside CHristian Church. You really built up a fire in us and i hope we can do somthing about it. THank again.


    Wow I can’t wait for part five, It is great to see you doing video sermons again, and this fireproof your family is just the complement to the movie that all beilivers need in these hard ecomomic times.
    I can not belive the size of you kids, your family looks like Colorado is suiting yall just fine.

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