Why I love My Wife

February 13, 2009 — 4 Comments


Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make the day a little more special for my wife, Rhonda.   I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife (married 18 years) and I want to do something really special for her.


I thought I’d start by letting you all know why I love her (just for the record: this is not the “really special” part, but just a start :)).

  1. She’s Christ-like.
  2. She’s humble.
  3. She’s kind.
  4. She’s sweet.
  5. She’s smart.
  6. She’s wise.
  7. She’s beautiful.
  8. She’s funny.
  9. She’s gentle.
  10. She has a ton of common sense.
  11. She’s exciting.
  12. She’s patient.
  13. She’s loving.
  14. She has nice legs.
  15. Did I tell you she’s beautiful?
  16. She’s physically fit.
  17. She’s an amazing mother.
  18. She’s a great cook.
  19. She’s is a wonderful homemaker.
  20. She’s strong.
  21. She’s a woman of character.
  22. She tells me what I need to hear even if I don’t really want to hear it.
  23. She loves God.
  24. She has a beautiful voice.
  25. She has nice lips.
  26. She has beautiful green eyes.
  27. She’s well-read.
  28. She’s a hard worker.
  29. She owns her faith.
  30. She loves her parents.
  31. She’s tough.
  32. She’s really good looking.
  33. I have to.  (I made a covenant with God that I’d love her “as long as we both shall live.”)
  34. She smells nice.
  35. She has beautiful strawberry-blonde hair.
  36. She has a lovely smile.
  37. She’s a great athlete.
  38. She doesn’t let me take myself too seriously.
  39. She not easily impressed.
  40. She’s loyal.
  41. She’s pure.
  42. She’s takes care of our cat.
  43. She’s a good listener.
  44. She lets me take naps on my day off without making me feel guilty.
  45. She gets turned on when I fix things around the house.
  46. She’s a woman of prayer.
  47. She walks with the Spirit.
  48. She loves to read her Bible.
  49. She believes in absolute truth.
  50. She cries at meaningful things.
  51. She knows what she believes.
  52. She loves deeply.
  53. She has a cute nose.
  54. She’s content.
  55. She’s rational.
  56. She’s practical.
  57. She will never sing a special in church without practicing the song about 125 times, because she wants to do a good job for the Lord.
  58. She’s an amazing teacher for our kids.
  59. She loves my Mom and siblings.
  60. She believes in me.
  61. She forgives me.
  62. She loves to take walks as a family.
  63. She sacrifices daily for her kids.
  64. She thinks of herself last.
  65. She loves the University of Tennessee Vols and she could care less what anyone thinks about it!
  66. She makes me a better minister.
  67. She makes me a better man.
  68. She is willing to do anything the Lord wants us to do.
  69. She’s willing to go anywhere the Lord calls us to go.
  70. She’s my best friend.
  71. She gets The Office.
  72. She gets me.
  73. She loves lost people.
  74. She always stands up for the weak.
  75. She’s compassionate.
  76. She’s sarcastic.
  77. She’s comfortable in her own skin.
  78. She has nice skin.
  79. I can’t beat her in ping-pong.
  80. She cherishes the simple things in life.
  81. She will never miss church unless she’s really sick.
  82. She loves the Church.
  83. She’s mysterious.
  84. She still has a slight accent.
  85. Did I tell you she’s hot? 🙂

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.

May God bless you–and the love of your life–with true love today, tomorrow, and the rest of your lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


4 responses to Why I love My Wife


    Wow Arron, you are blessed as is Rhonda. What a tribute and I know it is true, I agree.


    you did count the ways.



    What a nice tribute! And what a great example to us men!


    I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work

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