A Healthy Devotional Life: Part 3

February 12, 2009 — Leave a comment


1.  Sex

·         We must not allow sexual temptations to pull our minds away from Christ.

·         We must allow the blood of Christ to cover past sexual sin.

·         We must not allow ourselves to become comfortable in the presence of sexual sin.


2.  Food

·         Jesus taught us the importance of fasting.  He encourage His followers to fast.  Fasting is an exercise in self control.

·         We must not allow desire for food to control our lives.


3.  Power

·         Careers can pull us away from Christ.  Money can pull us away from Christ.  Success can pull us away from Christ.

·         It got to Adam and Eve and it can get to us also.

4.  Hurriedness

·         We rush through life forgetting that life is not a wind-sprint, but a marathon.

·         “No one who hurries into the presence of God is content to remain for long.”–Calvin Miller

·         Try walking slower, talking slower, moving slower, etc.


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