Someone to Root for on American Idol

February 10, 2009 — 4 Comments

“Hi.  My name is Arron and I love American Idol.”

There.  I feel better.

For many years, my wife and I have hosted American Idol nights (every Tuesday during the season) at our house.  We eat spaghetti, strawberry shortcake, and watch AI.

We’re watching with even more interest this year because a friend-of-a-friend is still in the competition. 

Ricky Braddy, a Christian from Nashville, is a dear friend to a dear friend of mine.  🙂  I’ve heard about Ricky for a couple of years now.  Last summer I heard a demo that he had produced and was blown away by his talent. 


Paul Abdul has recognized his talent, too.  A Ricky Braddy fan site claims that he is in Paula’s top 3 for the entire competition.

Well, Ricky is rumored to have made it into the top 36 (we’ll see this week), so–if he makes it through–it will make this year’s season even more exciting.


4 responses to Someone to Root for on American Idol


    I will always remember American Idol nights at the Chamber’s abode! I had so much fun with you guys…and Rhonda’s AMAZING spaghetti and strawberry shortcake. I’m still keeping up with AI, though watching it on a computer while sitting on my bed in England isn’t quite the same experience…but I think of your wonderful family and pray for you every time it’s on 🙂

    I’ll definitely keep my eye on this Ricky fella’!


    Awe! I was watching American Idol last night and was thinking about you guys! Me and Crystal will have to fly out to Colorado and have an American Idol Party someday. I’ll definitely watch out for this Ricky guy. I’m also a big fan of Danny Gokey. Although, I’m really sad that his friend didn’t make it :o(

    Miss you!…….especially the Strawberry Short Cake!



    Long time no see. Greetings from sunny and warm FL. My nephew is a Senior at Bellmont University and has played (piano) for Ricky on several occasions. He also attests to his faith in our Lord, Jesus.



    Will he be called back for the Wild Card round???

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