Elders and Church Polity

February 4, 2009 — 1 Comment

This morning I’ve been reading an interesting document on Church Polity prepared and available for download from the leadership team of Indian Creek Christian Church.  The free download was accompanied by an article by the preacher at The Creek (what they call themselves), Gary Johnson

I’m still analyzing what I’ve read, but–at first read–it seems like a valuable resource for any church leadership team looking for a way to get more focused and better organized.  The system proposed in the article and explained in the Polity document is called, Elder Governance.  Elder Governance is an internal structure in which and eldership leads by establishing policies. Once those policies have been articulated, they are given to the staff to implement—along with the authority to lead.

I love the emphasis this system places on the principle of trust.

Elders do not micromanage the staff, but have created an environment of trust and unanimity. Day-to-day operations are not the concern of our elders. These responsibilities, and the authority needed to get them done, have been given by the elders to people who are capable of accomplishing these important tasks. The elders at The Creek have found this to be a more effective internal structure that enables the church to be healthier—and a healthier church grows.

Check out the article and the document on Church Polity and let me know what you think.


One response to Elders and Church Polity


    Elders and Church Polity
    February 4, 2009 by Arron

    Your Blogs just keep getting better and better! What you are describing is a sound foundation for running anything a Church, or a Business. It’s so simple, but believe it or not it is very hard for some people to grasp and accept.

    You are undertaking a great task in restructuring the church. The reason I say this, is my perception is that our structure on how our church should be managed and what we should expect from our elders is not what we have! I think it is great and if we really want to be the Christian Church that we should be, we should move ahead with this process. I do not have the answers but we must get back to basic values.

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