A Great Meeting

January 21, 2009 — 5 Comments

I’m in the Orlando International Airport waiting for my flight back to Denver.

I was in Orlando for a meeting of the Contributing Editors of the Christian Standard. 

I’m not a big meeting guy.  I think Hell will begin with a very long meeting.

But this meeting is different.  We discuss real and substantive issues surrounding the love we all share for the Restoration Movement and the Christian Standard. 

We’re very interested in getting a better understanding of who is currently reading the Christian Standard, why people aren’t reading the Standard, what people like about the Standard, what people would like to see in the Standard, etc.

With that in mind, would you mind taking this survey?


5 responses to A Great Meeting


    Also online only.


    I read it online as well, and when I voted in the “other” category, my vote didn’t register. I demand a recount! lol



    I have been thinking about you saying that you think Hell will begin with a long meeting, I am not keen on meetings either. Got to thinking about what the agenda for such a meeting would be, I believe Satan will start out with a big recognition/award time. He will recognize and reward people that have been best at keeping Jesus a secret. Maybe the reward will be a a handful of really red hot peppers.



    So if Hell starts with a big meeting, does that mean that my job is sending me in the wrong direction?

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