The best coach you’ve probably never heard of

January 15, 2009 — 1 Comment

Last September our church was praying fervently for the son-in-law of some of our most faithful members.  Bob and Mae’s son-in-law, Don Meyer, had been in an accident.  He was heading to a retreat with the basketball team he coached when he fell asleep at the wheel. 

An oncoming semi going 50 mph hit the left side of his car, sending Don’s car into a ditch. 

Don was conscious, but his left side was badly hurt.  His players rushed to his side, encouraged him, and helped to keep him alive.

Don lost his left leg six inches below the knee two weeks after the accident.

As we prayed for Don–and followed his condition–we were upset to hear that, while treating Don, the doctors had discovered a slow-growing form of cancer in his body, but Don wasn’t saddened.

He’s a strong Christian man who praised God (along with his family) that the accident revealed the slow-growing cancer that was at work in his body so that it could be treated.

I met Don’s wife Carmen about a month ago while visiting her father in the hospital.  She–just like her family–is full of faith in God.  I was so blessed in meeting her.

Well, last month, someone in our church was reading Sports Illustrated (12/15/08 pp.55-57) and noticed a story that sounded awfully familiar about a basketball coach named Don Meyer who–Sports Illustrated noted–was in a bad accident in September, lost part of one leg, and was 6 wins away from becoming the NCAA’s winningest men’s basketball coach!

This member brought the article to church to ask Bob and Mae about it and their reply was simply, “Oh, yes.  That’s our Don.”  To which our church member replied, “You didn’t tell us that he was 6 wins away from passing Bob Knight as the winningest coach in men’s basketball history!”

They just didn’t think to mention it.

That tells you a lot about the kind of family Don married into.  They are good, godly, and humble people.

Well, I’m writing to congratulate Don for becoming the winningest men’s basketball coach. 

On January 10th, Northern State’s 82-62 win over Mary on Saturday night gave Meyer his 903rd victory.  You can read more about Coach Meyer and his record in this article from Sports Illustrated.


Congratulations Coach Meyer! 

Well done, good and faithful servant.


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    I just finished reading another story about him at I thought you would like to see it, too.

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