My Latest Book

January 14, 2009 — 2 Comments

My latest book, Go! from studio audience to center stage, has just been released and is available online at Standard Publishing, on, or at Christian bookstores around the country.


I received my copies last night and I love how it turned out.  It’s a really fun book.

Go! presents eight Bible stories of trial and triumph to challenge readers to GO: Trust; Tell; Lead; Work; Sacrifice; Obey; Risk and Serve.  This is the Adult book for Standard’s Studio GO! Game Show (VBS 2009).  Each of the eight chapters focuses on one aspect of going out in Jesus’ name and combines entertaining TV game show trivia, compelling stories, and solid biblical insight. Each chapter also concludes with call-to-action questions for individual reflection or small group discussion.

Standard Publishing also produced a study guide for my book for use in small groups, Sunday school, youth groups, etc., that was written by the talented Nancy Karpenske from Life Bridge Christian Church in Longmont, Colorado.



2 responses to My Latest Book


    Hey Arron, If I try to help you sell a million books, would be interested in coming back to Christ’s church in June to baptize Kali Grace? She has made THE decision, and, like Levi, wants to be baptized on her 9th birthday….YEA God!!!



    Your story about the monkeys caused me to think back of the times that I did not GO and tell because of a previous experience by myself or others.

    I promise not to hold back again.

    Great book!!!

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