Tim Tebow returns for senior season

January 12, 2009 — 3 Comments

I’m not a University of Florida Gators fan, by any stretch of the imagination. 

That being said, Tim Tebow is The Man.

Wow!  This guy is such a great role model for young people.

This weekend he announced–in dramatic fashion–that he’s coming back to UF for his senior season.

Tim has his priorities straight. 

He may not have been a 1st round NFL pick this year–and been offered millions in 1st round signing bonuses by an NFL team–but he still was sure to make a ton of money from a good salary and the many endorsement deals he would surely receive as a professional football player.  Even so, he’s going to finish what he started off the field as well as on.

That’s good for the Gator Nation.

Bad for my Tennessee Vols.

Bad for the Big 12.

But, great for the Church.

Well done, Tim.  You are definitely a good and faithful servant of our Lord and a good role model for my boys.


3 responses to Tim Tebow returns for senior season


    With what congregation does Timmy worship with anyway?


    Is Tebow in the Church.. ?????


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