Update from Guatemala

December 4, 2008 — Leave a comment

Greetings from Montellano, Guatemala–deep in a jungle in western Guatemala on the campus of Health Talents International.

We are having an amazing week down here and seeing many lives changed.  Dr. Weeks–our one eye surgeon has been doing about 8 eye surgeries a day.  He’s using old technology, so this is even more amazing.

We are literally seeing blind people see again every day!  Praise God!  Dios te bendiga!

I have so many stories, but so little internet access . . . so I’ll only share one story.

Yesterday, I was on a team running a medical clinic in a local village.  We saw about 40 patients in sweltering conditions.

Dr. Chris Kennedy–a family physician from Greeley–saw a little boy towards the end of the day.  The little boy looked sad, tired, and listless.  He moved very slowly and we couldn’t get him to smile.  His mother said that he never played with his friends.

Dr. Kennedy quickly diagnosed the boy with a severe case of asthma.  The Dr. figured that Pedro (the boy) was only using about 1/3 of one lung to breathe.  He had learned to control his movements and emotions to save his air.  It was a very serious situation.  The boys’ life was in danger.

Dr. Kennedy called back to the hospital and asked them to bring a nebulizer and some meds “stat.” 

The team from Journey Christian Church (my church :)) had arranged for 2 nebulizers to be donated.  A nebulizer is a breathing machine that offers breathing treatments.

After the machine arrived, Dr. Kennedy taught the boy’s mother how to use the machine (she has power in her home) and let the boy have one treatment.

The transformation was amazing!!!!!

Within 20 minutes of his treatment the boy was smiling and starting to play a little bit.  When I get back to the States I’ll upload the pictures of before and after.

We all couldn’t stop praising God for giving Dr. Kennedy a chance to change–and save–this little boy’s life.

And that’s just one of the things we’ve experienced this week.  I can’t wait to tell you more.

Well, I must get back to work.

Buenos Dias!


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