Shedding some light on Twilight

November 20, 2008 — 2 Comments

I have to admit . . . I haven’t read the books, but both my wife and eldest daughter have–and they love the Twilight series.


I’ve heard enough of the plot to know that the story is a classic tale of good vs. evil.  My daughter sees a lot of lessons in the book that can be walked into her relationship with Christ and into her personal stand against moral evil.

The movie opens tomorrow and all of the predictions are that this movie will be one of the biggest teen movies of all time.

My daughter can’t wait to see it.  My wife and I plan on seeing it, too, but not with my daughter because we were told that that arrangement would be, “Not cool!”

Periodically, I will go to Focus on the Family’s movie review website Plugged In Online to review a movie before spending the $50005 it takes to see it on the big screen.  I’ve found their reviews to be both thorough and fair.

Here’s and excerpt of their review of Twilight: 

“I’d never given much thought to how I would die.”

So begins one of the most resonant love stories to touch teen culture in quite some time. Love, found in a world filled with terrifying monsters in the moonlight. Love, found at a strange high school in a tiny, rainy town that Bella Swan did not want to live in. Love, found by a cold-blooded vampire who didn’t think he would ever feel warmth again. Love, found by both of them to be intoxicating to the point of creating near giddy insanity.

Bella moves to Forks, Wash., to live with her dad after her divorced mother remarries. She thinks of it as an exile. Certainly she doesn’t think anything good will come of it. She’s from Phoenix, and she hate the cold and rain. She’s a high school junior, so she doesn’t relish the idea of starting over at a new school. She’s uncertain about her relationship with her dad.

But she fits in better than she anticipates. Or at least she thinks she does until she meets Edward Cullen. Butterflies start circling in her stomach the moment she sees him, but all he does is glare at her. It might take a while to smooth out the bumps, but Bella’s determined to make it work with her white-faced dreamboat.

So determined, it turns out, that even when she learns that he’s a bloodsucking vampire, she’s unwavering in her new-found infatuation. “You don’t scare me,” she tells him repeatedly, almost as if she’s trying to convince herself along with him.

Her resolve is continually tested as she learns that it’s all he can do to resist the desire to kill her, as she meets his intimidating family of vampires, and as she becomes the target of a nomadic “tracker” vamp, who’s decided she’s the endgame of an eternal lifetime. But love is love, she figures, no matter the risk. And therein lies the heart and soul of Twilight—exhibited in both grand and shocking ways.

To read more:  Click Here for a Review of Twilight


2 responses to Shedding some light on Twilight


    I plan to see it also for the same reason. I don’t find anything really objectionable in what I’ve seen so far. If you see it soon, blog on how it was.


    You have to be kidding me. You don’t see anything wrong with a Christian reading books and seeing a movie about 1. The occult, 2. Drinking blood and 3. A young girl that not only gets into a sexual relationship with this vampire but has a child out of wedlock with him?
    Yeah, I see so many great lessons there for Christians. Here is one, why don’t you try reading the BIBLE if you want to pass on great lessons on good and evil.

    I can’t say I am shocked, but seriously, the Christians in on this fantasy stuff need to own up to the fact that they are in serious rebellion against God AND leading their children into it.

    And, focus on the family lost their way LONG ago. Dobson has done nothing but compromise his message and “faith” in the last several years and the world around us of unbelievers just laugh and laugh at the hypocrits we are.
    Many Blessings 🙂

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