Sorry Gator Fans–God Beats Tim Tebow in Presidential Campaign

November 19, 2008 — Leave a comment

I hate the Florida Gators, but I love Tim Tebow.


He’s not just an amazing football player, but–more importantly–he’s an amazing witness for Christ.  I’ve had the privilege of meeting his brother Robby Tebow and heard about how God has used the Tebow family to bless countless people. 

So, this article caught my eye. 

God Beats Tebow in Presidential Race

Check this out: 

JACKSONVILLE, FL — The space on the ballot for “write-in” candidates is supposed to be for candidates who qualify based on Florida law.  But it is after all a space labeled “write-in,” and frustrated or funny voters sometimes can’t resist taking a shot.  The City of Jacksonville has released the write-in results from this year’s Presidential election. Only the valid ones were counted, but we did go through the whole list.  The big winner? Hillary Clinton, with 234 votes. A distant second was Ron Paul with 174.

Other politicians got votes as well. Mike Huckabee got 21, Mitt Romney got 14. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter each got 1 vote, which means they tied former Presidents Roosevelt (Theodore) and Truman, despite the differences in vitality.  Congratulations go to those four distinguished ex-Presidents: they all tied Homer Simpson and lost to Donald Duck, who picked up 3 votes.

As for the headline of this story, God did in fact out-poll Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, 6-2, by far Tebow’s worst loss of the year. We couldn’t reach Tebow for comment. God hasn’t responded, either.

I demand a recount!


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