The Little Drummer Boy . . . like you’ve never seen it before!

November 18, 2008 — 5 Comments

My worship minister and I were talking about our Christmas Eve program recently and it got my mind thinking about a really cool version of an old song we did at Christ’s Church during the Christmas season last year.

I went onto YouTube to see if I could find a clip of the drum-line version of the Little Drummer Boy they did at Jingle Jam 2007, but I couldn’t find it.

What I did find was even more amazing.  It’s a clip of the same song from the Christmas musical Twin Lakes Church presented last year.

Jesus tells us that God literally craves our worship (John 4:33) and that we are supposed to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:34).  That phrase (“heart, soul, and mind”) is an idiom written to communicate to us that God wants us to love him with every single drop of our being and existence.

How often do we actually do that? 

Worship is not supposed to be safe and quiet.  The pictures of worship we see in the Bible include putting an only son on an altar, the playing of a lot of instruments, bowing down, dancing naked, expensive perfume poured out on the Christ, and an eternal home where we will worship in a way that is described throughout Revelation with the words “shout” and “loud.”

That being said, I think the performance in this clip–for our Audience of One–is a pretty good start.


5 responses to The Little Drummer Boy . . . like you’ve never seen it before!


    Hey Arron! We actually got the idea for Jingle Jam from my home church, Calvery Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Here’s the orginal video. They did this for their Christmas Eve Service in 2006.


    Move over, Manhiem Steamrollers!


    I loved that performance at Christ’s Church. What a fabulous time of praise and worship. It was a thrilling experience. WoW!


    Hi Aaron,

    Max Smith told me about this, it is cool, The Little Drummer boy was cool.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


    Our vocalist on this song at Christ’s Church, Rhonda Chambers, rocked the house!!!!!!!!

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