“We’re a church-goin’ bar.”

October 22, 2008 — 3 Comments

Delmar Schroeder, one of the Elders at Journey Christian Church (where I serve), leads a Bible study at a local bar.  It was started a couple of years ago when Delmar asked the bar’s owner, Dee, if she’d be interested in hosting a Bible study at the bar.  Her reply was, “That’d be great.  I already lead a Bible study at the end of the bar everyday.”

The Bible study has been meeting every Saturday for the past two years and has made a big impact for the patrons of that bar and Dee–the bar owner.  Dee and her granddaughter became members of Journey a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t have been more excited.  Every week we have people from the bar who come to church.  Praise God! . . . and it all started with Dee’s heart for God and her willingness to be a bold witness for Jesus. 

Recently, over breakfast, Delmar gave me a glimpse of how this Bible study is impacting the lives of those who attend it and the patrons of the bar.

One Saturday, as they were holding Bible study, some people came into the bar who weren’t “regulars” and who were getting rowdy and using bad language.

One of the “regulars” at the bar–and an attendee of the Bible study–spoke up and nicely asked the people if they could stop swearing . . . saying, “We’re a church-goin’ bar.”

I’m so excited about that Bible study and the impact it’s making on that community.  Lives are being changed because Dee and Delmar are boldly shining the light of Jesus Christ in a place that might otherwise be filled with overwhelming darkness. 

They are doing what all of us are supposed to be doing: They are eating with sinners.

I’m so proud to be associated with people like Dee and Delmar.  I’m also proud to be associated with a “bar-goin’ church.”


3 responses to “We’re a church-goin’ bar.”


    That’s great!!! How old is Delmar?


    I don’t know . . . I think he’s 77, but he seems really young.


    Arron, I immediately thought of your next book about eating with sinners. I love it. Go to the sinners and be a light. When we are there, the church is there. Let’s go to the people and “be” the church.

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