Here am I. Send me.

October 13, 2008 — 2 Comments

I was blessed to see this video at a conference last month.

It’s a powerful reminder that there is still much work to do.

Enough with shallow Christianity.

Enough with the petty fights over matters of opinion or hurt feelings.

Enough with the fancy clothes and “holy” talk.

Enough with the sanitized sanctuaries.

Enough with the ignorance of Biblical truths.

Enough with the hypocrisy.

Enough with the prejudice towards God’s people.

Enough with the apathy towards people suffering with HIV and AIDS.

Enough with keeping lost and hurting people at arms distance.



2 responses to Here am I. Send me.


    We still struggle with the fact that God came to bring all of us, not just a select few into relationship with Him. Yet many families today are still divided and may be for eternity. Those who believe in his Son, and those who don’t. Separated by the Cross forces a family to struggle with this question. Did God love us so much that he would come himself to prove His love? Yet we still are seeking a sign. What more do we need to see, the flowers open in the morning, the sun comes up and sets. The animals are feed and we still wake everyday with the fear about life and death. Nothing has changed except time. Still families go there own way without saying a word some will follow and others won’t. This video is very powerful, it reminds us that with all that has gone before and what yet is to come, the most powerful thing we can do to prove that Jesus is Lord is, to Shout out loud “Here am I. Send me”.


    Powerful. Thank you, Arron. And kudos to her and the video. It reminds me that we are the helpful hands and beautiful feet of Jesus, that we are ambassadors of Christ, that we are the ones God counts on the tell His story and lead people to Him, to go tell, to preach, to serve, to love. No one else but each of us is the answer to the question, “Who will come to set us free?” And so even now and often I find myself again saying, “Here am I. Send me.”

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