Church Employee Incentives

August 26, 2008 — Leave a comment

A preacher friend asked me for some ideas of what incentives he could offer his full-time staff to let them know how much they are appreciated. Being a church, he was interested in ideas that weren’t going to break their budget.

I started a list of the incentives that I’ve heard that some churches offer (btw–some of these are not inexpensive).

–Friday’s off (i.e. office closed on Fridays with phones answered by part-time receptionist)
–Birthday Bonus Day–Employee gets to take a day off in the month of his/her birthday.
–Spiritual Development Days–Employee is given 5 days a year for spiritual development (i.e. 5 days for an spiritual retreat)
–Cafeteria plan
–Flexible Spending Account
–Pre-Tax Dependent Day Care
–Supplemental Life, Health, and Dental Insurance
–Ministry Days–Employee is given 5 days a year to be devoted to ministry elsewhere.
–One mission trip every 5 years (paid by church)

What incentives have you heard of that churches are offering their full-time staff?

I’ll post the best ideas.


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