Judge Says University Can Deny Course Credit to Christian Graduates Taught With Creationism Texts

August 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

Did you read this story?

A federal judge has ruled the University of California can deny course credit to Christian high school graduates who have been taught with textbooks that reject evolution and declare the Bible infallible, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Here’s a link to the story: Judge says UC can deny religious course credit

. . . and Creationists are supposed to be the ones who are close-minded?

Isn’t public education today all about being exposed to a variety of ideas, not about cramming one idea down a student’s throat . . . mind? 🙂

Most of the Creationists I know just want the Theory of Creation to be given equal time in any public school presentation on theories of origins. Creationism and Evolution are both theories of origin. From a purely scientific position they are standing on equal ground. They’re theories.

And I say this because of the scientific method for determining laws of science.

There’s a scientific process for answering questions like, “How was this world created?” The process scientists use to answer questions like these and establish laws of science is called, The Scientific Method. The Scientific Method begins with observation. (For more information see: THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD: STEP OR STAGE #1 of the Scientific Method) Based on the laws scientists play by, the process for determining whether or not something is, or is not, a fact in the world of science begins with observation.

Since no one alive today, or in the past, observed how this world was created we (Creationists and Evolutionists) are all operating in the realm of faith. (Yes, I believe that Adam and Eve were there and that Moses recorded what they really observed and I believe that the biblical account is a fact, but–for the sake of argument with those who reject the biblical account of creation–I’m going to argue from a purely extra-biblical position.)

Personally, I’ve looked at the scientific evidence and I’ve decided that the Biblical account makes the most sense.

I’m a creationist. I’ve arrived at my position based on my faith in the Bible as God’s word and science. I believe that science is good friend to the creationist and not an enemy. I love science. I think this universe,and the amazing detail we see in every corner of it, testify to a powerful and thoughtful designer.

I wish I had more time to talk about Creationism (It’s a passion of mine), but I don’t (and I’m not really that good at it) so let me direct you to some websites that contain great information on this issue:
Answers in Genesis – Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics
In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood
The Institute for Creation Research


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