Road Nonsense

July 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

My family and I spent last Friday and Saturday in our van driving from Greeley, Colorado to Lexington, Kentucky for a couple of speaking engagements.

On day 2, after our 17th hour in the car, we found ourselves a little loopy, bored . . . and hungry, so we made up a game. The game required answering this question: Which food would be the hardest to eat in a car on a trip?

(I know this is a complete waste of blog space, but bear with me :))

Here’s a list of what my family and I came up with (in no particular order):
-Spaghetti with meatballs
-Chinese Food eaten with chopsticks
-Corn on the Cob
-Spare Ribs
-French Onion Soup
-Alaskan King Crab legs
And my favorite answer (good work Rhonda): Chocolate from A Chocolate Fountain.

I know this has no spiritual value at all, but . . . if you’d like to play our game, just leave your suggestion in a comment and I’ll post it. Next Wednesday my family and I will vote on your suggestions and pick a winner. I’ll send a signed copy of my latest book to the person we think submitted the best worst food to eat in a car on a trip.


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