Random Act of Kindness

June 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

Last week, the staff of Christ’s Church and the people in their community were faced with a difficult morning commute due to the closure of a major thoroughfare–which is also the road on which the church is located.

(I served at Christ’s Church before coming to Journey Christian Church this month.)

The staff of Christ’s Church noticed that the people who were trying to navigate the detour were stressed out and tempers were hot as the asphalt on which they were driving . . . or should I say “sitting”, so they decided to do something kind for the commuters.

Here’s what one of the staff members reported about the situation:

The road closure has made Greenland Road a virtual parking lot each morning. All week long we have been driving past frustrated, aggravated, unhappy and late travelers trying to make their way to work. Even the most patient of people has been tested! In light of what we have been learning throughout the Fruit of the Spirit series, we thought it would be a great idea to simply share a little joy, peace, kindness and goodness with our Greenland Road neighbors.
It was great to see our neighbors laughing and smiling as we simply offered a word of encouragement and a free bite to eat while they sat patiently in traffic. Hopefully we made someone’s day a little better and a little brighter.

What a great example and a reminder to all of us of what a church can do when it is committed to making it’s community a better place for everyone.


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