Joe and Sue Sutherland

June 17, 2008 — Leave a comment

Joe and Sue Sutherland are not just my friends, they’re also my mentors.

I’ve been blessed to know them for about five years. When I lived in Orlando we’d meet at least once a month for ministry mentoring. During those sessions I learned so much about ministry, people, life, and family. Joe and Sue are incredibly wise, humble, and faithful.

I was so excited to read this week’s edition of Buzz in the Christian Standard.

The article details the work that the Sutherlands are leading in Central Florida.

Here’s an excerpt:

(Joe) Sutherland takes no salary, so after initial start-up costs for a keyboard, computer, and projector, most of the church’s money has been poured back into ministry. “We started by giving 60 percent of our offerings and now we give away 80 percent,” Sutherland says. Community Christian averages 132 in worship each Sunday morning—more than 20 percent of High Vista’s total residents. These attendees include several new believers. “Our youngest baptism has been 60 and the oldest has been 88,” Sutherland says. “I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!”

Here’s a link to the rest of the article: Senior Moment

After reading this article you’ll know why Joe and Sue aren’t just my mentors, they’re also two of my heroes.

One more thing . . . this was my first Sunday preaching at Journey Christian Church. Guess who was sitting in the auditorium about half-way back in the middle during the first service? That’s right: Joe and Sue Sutherland.

My mentors.

My heroes.

My friends.


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