Of Empty Moving Trucks and a Full Pantry

June 11, 2008 — Leave a comment

Well, we are finally in Greeley and starting to get moved in.

Our trip out here was an experience that we’ll never forget . . . for really good reasons.

It was great to see family and friends on our journey to Journey and to have uninterrupted time with my kids.

We arrived at our home in Greeley to move in on Saturday morning and we were met by about 30 people from the church. In two hours they unloaded both moving trucks, set up 4 beds, set up 2 tables, set up one basketball goal, unloaded both of our vehicles, cleaned both trucks, delivered fresh flowers to our house, delivered food for the crowd, and returned both moving trucks to the rental companies.

It was an amazing demonstration of service, love, and acceptance.

We were truly overwhelmed.

And then on Sunday they gave us a “pounding.”

Now, I know that many of my minister friends have received a “good pounding” from a church at some time or another, but this was really a “good pounding.”

The “pounding” we received was the gift of a pound of something for our pantry.

For three hours people came to the church with bags full of food for me and my family. We were able to speak with everyone and be blessed as we met our new church family. Afterwards we had to set up five extra shelves in the garage to hold all of the food we received.

It was such an amazing blessings that filled–not only our pantry–but our hearts as well.


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