Travelling to Colorado

June 4, 2008 — Leave a comment

Well, we’re on the road and on our way to Greeley, Colorado.

As I write this I’m at my sister’s house in Houston, Texas as we visit with my sister and her family for a few days before heading on to Greeley.

We loaded the moving van on Friday and pulled out of Jacksonville on Saturday with our 4 kids and two pets evenly distributed between two moving trucks loaded with all of our earthly possessions.

I’m driving the 26 ft Penske my daughter has named, “Penny.” “Penny” is towing our Toyota.

My wife is driving the 24ft Budget truck we rented the moment we realized that “Penny” was as full as our garage. My daughter named the Budget truck, “Bubba.” “Bubba” is towing our van.

We are quite a sight to see tooling down the highway at 66 governor-restricted miles per hour.

It’s been a grand adventure so far.

Our first attempt at fueling “Penny” and “Bubba” was a 45-minute fiasco that almost ended our marriage. 🙂

We quickly learned that the only place to fuel two diesel moving trucks with vehicles in tow is a truck stop with plenty of room to turn around and not a convenience store that has only one diesel fuel pump which just happens to be blocked by a tanker truck.

We learned that when I use my Discover card to pay for the 66 gallons of $4.70 per gallon diesel fuel it takes to keep the two trucks carrying the Chambers moving show down the road it will trigger a security warning that will result in purchases on my Discover being denied until I call “customer service” to get resolution.

We learned that not every hotel that describes itself as “Pet-friendly” really is and that not all of those hotels that are willing to accept our pets have parking lots big enough to handle “Penny” and “Bubba.”

We learned that the switch my youngest daughter hit with her foot on the dashboard of my wife’s truck controls overdrive and when overdrive is engaged on a moving truck the result is that the truck will be unable to drive over 55 mph for two long hours in Louisiana until it is finally switched off.

We’ve also learned that we are blessed.

Actually, we already knew this; we’ve just been reminded of this fact for the past few days.

We’ve been blessed with some amazing family and friends who have helped us out in so many ways during this transition time.

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to begin a ministry with an incredible group of people at a church in a community with amazing potential.

We’ve been blessed with the chance to live in Colorado . . . minutes from the Rocky mountains. Colorado!

And we’ve been blessed with a great family.

I love my family more than words can express. My wife and kids make life and ministry so much fun. Moving is never fun, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this time with my wife and kids. We are enjoying days of uninterrupted time together . . . and I will cherish this time forever.

We are on an adventure of faith with God leading the way and . . . trust me . . . it doesn’t get any better than that!

Well . . . on second thought . . . cheaper gas and more parking spaces at pet-friendly hotels would make it just a little better. 🙂


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