Of finished basements, lock boxes, and a meal with Jesus

May 14, 2008 — Leave a comment

My wife, eldest daughter, and I spent the weekend in Greeley looking for a house with a realtor named Ron.

Ron was amazing and so friendly. He was like a walking, talking, happy encyclopedia of Greeley, Colorado . . . and real estate. Patiently and very meticulously Ron showed us about a dozen homes available for purchase or renting.

It was an interesting experience . . . going through other peoples’ homes. Walking into their bedrooms. Looking in their closets. Standing in their bathrooms. Getting both positive and negative impressions of them based solely on the smell of their house, the color of paint in their kitchen, the pictures of their well-dressed pets on the wall, or whether or not they had finished their basement or not.

Coming from Florida–where there are no basements–we were so excited to discover the wonder called a “finished basement”!

Shopping for a house was also interesting because–as people with a house for sale ourselves–we know how desperately people want to sell their houses these days, so we found ourselves feeling a little empathy for the owners of the houses we didn’t like.

But the thing that I found the most interesting –after some reflection–was that we couldn’t even get into three of the houses. The owners of these houses each had a lock box on their houses that was impenetrable. Ron tried and tried and tried but could not get the lock box to open so he could retrieve the house key locked safely inside.

It was frustrating.

We wanted to see the house.

Ron wanted us to see the house.

The sign in the yard indicated that the owners wanted to sell the house, but we couldn’t get in guaranteeing that all of us were going to be disappointed.

It made me think about the countless lost people who say that they want hope, love, peace, and a new life, but who also keep Jesus locked out.

How sad.

I want lost people to know that Jesus wants to move in, unpack, fill up their “house” with good things, prepare a nice meal, and eat it with them.

Jesus said, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20

I want lost people to know that locking Jesus out only guarantees that both he and they are going to be disappointed.

Oh…we found a house to rent. It’s beautiful. The nice lady welcomed us in. We looked around and fell in love with her house. We’ll move in three weeks. I can tell you that we and our landlord are the exact opposite of disappointed.


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