A Stolen Church Trailer and An Amazing Offer of Forgiveness

April 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

Last Saturday I had the privilege of eating breakfast with a church planter named Dave Milam.

Dave is the lead planter for Kinetic Church™ in Charlotte, NC.

Early last month someone stole the trailer that Kinetic Church used to store 75% of what they need to “do church” on a weekly basis. They meet in a theater, so they have to set up–and tear down–church every single week.

When I was a preacher at Southside Christian Church in Orlando we met in a High School so we had to do the same thing. We often wondered what we would do if someone would have ever decided to take one–or both–of our trailers. Thankfully we never had to deal with that challenge, but Kinetic Church has and I think they are handling it masterfully.

Dave and his team are turning this frustrating experience into an opportunity to get a message of forgiveness to their community . . . and to the thieves who stole their trailer.

They’ve arranged to get five billboards in Charlotte so they could send funny messages to the trailer thieves to try to get their attention. Here’s one of my favorites:

Dave and his team also put together a video message to the thieves.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I hope the thieves take Dave up on his offer and–at least–agree to eat with him. I did and I know they’ll find what I found out–that eating with Dave Milam is a lot like eating with Jesus.


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