How do you eat an Elephant?

March 19, 2008 — Leave a comment

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life?

(Stop laughing!)

Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed by life?

My friend Keith Simmons just wrote a great essay entitled, “How do you eat an elephant?”

I was so blessed by Keith’s insights that I had to share the entire essay with you.

Be blessed my fellow elephant eaters!

How do you eat an elephant?
Keith Simmons–Adult Minister, Christ’s Church

How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time…I received an email this week from a co-worker who asked if I would be willing to help out a mutual friend who was overwhelmed and needed assistance. The person has been trying to sell their home for a long time and finally God provided a buyer. The catch is that they only have a few days to fix some items on a punch list in order for the closing to happen on schedule. I went to the house to see what I could do to help, thinking there were going to be major things to do and expecting the worst. As I walked around looking at what needed to be done, there were just a few small things that had to be fixed. As we talked how best to address each issue, it was evident to me that the items weren’t as bad as I first anticipated. As we talked my friend seemed to become more relaxed. I saw how his confidence grew about being able to handle the repairs himself. I tried to get him to let me stay around and help but he insisted that he had the situation under control. I finally relented and left.

As I drove away, I processed what had just taken place. What changed, how did an overwhelming task suddenly become manageable? Nothing had really changed, but what did happen is that my friend was able to talk about his challenge, and then look at them as several small, doable repairs that he had the knowledge and ability to handle. He just needed some encouragement that the problems weren’t as big as they seemed. He needed someone to remind him that he had the knowledge and abilities to accomplish the task. He just needed to take ACTION and apply what he knew to accomplish the task. What has got you paralyzed in your recovery and spiritual walk? Do your issues or your situation seem so big that you have become hopeless? Whatever your issue, no matter how hopeless it seems, when we take ACTION and turn our lives and wills over to Christ care and control he promises to get us through. He has overcome ever problem or trial you or I will ever face. He wants us to have peace and become the godly man or woman he purposed us to be. Are you ready to take the first bite???


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