Follow-up on Logan’s Lesson

December 18, 2007 — Leave a comment

I don’t believe everything I read, hear, and see on the Internet. I delete most forwards I receive by email and if a story sounds “too good to be true” I’ll go to a website designed to expose urban legends called,

Logan’s phone call is amazing, but just to be safe–and to make sure I wasn’t publicizing a fake phone call–I went to to see what they had on this call.

The call is real. No surprise there, but what I did find surprising were the comments on Logan’s call that were posted by the website administrator and a few others on the website.

A reader asks, “Just wanting to find out if a posting on YouTube was scripted or not. It is titled Logan, the sky angel cowboy!”

Yes, everyone, remember as we celebrate the solemn occasion of Christmas that Logan’s cow died for *you*.- snopes

What udder tripe. Lets all sing now: Logan the Sky Angel Cowboy….Had a lot of glurge to say, So he called this station, To get on air was what he prayed…

What’s with the “love you” exchanged at the end? Am I the only one creeped out by this?

These comments remind us that there are still so many people who are missing the real reason for the season.


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