Thankful for Our Disney Cruise

November 21, 2007 — Leave a comment

Before too much time passes I want to give you a report about the Disney Cruise we took last week.

It was amazing!!!

My family and I are so thankful to the leadership and congregation of Southside Christian Church in Orlando for sending us on a Disney Cruise. I can’t find the words to express how much fun we had last week and how profoundly grateful we are for their generosity. The cruise was so much fun for so many reasons, so–in honor of Thanksgiving–let me share with you a few of the reasons why this cruise was such an incredible experience and why we’re so grateful.

Here’s The List (in no particular order):
  • Family Time
  • Eating breakfast overlooking the port at Nassau in the Bahamas last Monday morning
  • Constantly thinking about how good God is to my family
  • Constantly thinking about how nice it was for Southside to do this for us
  • Constantly thinking about the people of Southside and how much we loved our ministry with them and how much we miss them
  • Free Food
  • Seeing wonder on my kids’ faces during the evening shows
  • Vijay and Wowie (our servers for dinner each evening)
  • The glass-bottom boat ride around Nassau
  • Butter-nut squash soup
  • Eating several appetizers, entrees, and desserts each night for dinner
  • Ashton getting to try Escargot . . . and loving it!
  • Listening to my kids’ laughter and the happy silly songs the trip stirred up in their souls
  • Watching my youngest 3 kids swim in Mickey’s ears
  • Levi and Sylas going down the big slide again and again
  • Sitting in the hot-tub with my youngest daughter Payton
  • The way the light from the setting sun settled across Rhonda’s face as we walked around the deck
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Free Food
  • Holding hands with Rhonda as we walked the deck before dinner
  • Watching a late-night showing of High-School Musical 2 with my family in deck chairs as the warm ocean breeze gently blew around us
  • Mickey ice-cream bars in a bowl with sprinkles and marshmallows
  • A towel folded to look like a monkey and hung over the bed in our stateroom
  • Towels folded into the shape of animals and left in our stateroom every night
  • Shopping in the straw market
  • Riding the exercise bike in the front window of the ship as we arrived at Nassau
  • Free soft-drinks
  • Free Food
  • Watching Ratatouille in a movie theater in the middle of the ocean
  • Leaving the biggest tip of my life
  • Seeing the stars . . . I mean REALLY seeing the stars
  • Feeling small in the face of God’s beautiful creation
  • Listening to the ocean
  • Taking pictures of Rhonda and Ashton on Deck 4 on the last night . . . my girls are so beautiful.
  • All of the free plates of french fries we could eat
  • All of the ice-cream we could eat
  • Snorkeling with Ashton and Levi on Castaway Cay (and hearing Levi scream through his snorkel and thinking that he had been bitten by something only to realize that he was screaming at the sight of Mickey 10 feet below us)
  • For the first time in their lives: My kids begging us to put them to bed.
  • For the first time in their lives: My kids saying that they don’t want anymore to eat.
  • The Shows, especially the Golden Mickeys
  • Watching the sunset over the ocean on our last night at sea
  • Sitting at the pool with professional wrestler Mick Foley (a.k.a. Mankind)
  • Pirate Night
  • Payton’s reaction to finally meeting Snow White
  • No cell-phone and no email for 4 days
  • Did I mention the free food?
  • Did I say family time?

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