A Great Day

October 22, 2007 — Leave a comment

Yesterday almost 2,500 people from Christ’s Church met for a 30 minute worship service and then dispersed across Jacksonville to serve our community in the name of Jesus. We called this effort Blitz Day.

Our motto for the day was: Don’t Just Go To Church . . . Be The Church.

The reports I’m hearing from the work projects are so encouraging.

Here’s a report on Blitz Day from the local paper: Congregants show faith with volunteer Blitz Day.

My small group went to a local assisted living facility. Our plan was to bless them, but they blessed us. We took our children and found that they were one of the best blessings of the day. The response of the residents to our children was overwhelming and the impact of the residents on our children was just as remarkable.

Last night, as my wife and I were preparing to pray with our children, my five-year-old son Sylas shared both a confession and a wonderful admission when he announced, “Levi (his brother-age 7) told me that today was going to be boring . . . but he was wrong. It was so much fun!” All of my kids (Levi included!) are begging us to go again, so we’re making plans to go back as soon as possible.

Our church-wide program Faith in Action ends this week. And, although I’m sad that it’s over, I’m excited about what it started.


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