Faith in Action Videos

October 9, 2007 — Leave a comment

Christ’s Church is in the middle of a church-wide campaign called Faith in Action.

It’s a program that leads up to a Sunday–October 21st–on which the church is dismissed to go out and serve.

This is going to be the highlight of the program. We will meet at the building for a short–very short–program and then we’ll be dismissed to serve around our community. Our project team has collected a list of 131 projects for our people to do. Some are for as few as 4 people with our largest job providing 800 people a chance to serve.

Here are videos we prepared to let people know about a couple of the ministries with which we’ll be partnering.

City Rescue Mission
Baptist Children’s Home

Also, our staff had the incredible opportunity to do our own version of “Extreme Home Makeover” last week. We are asking everybody in the church to put their faith into action, so we were excited for a chance to lead the way.

Here’s some footage from the project:

I’m so grateful to be serving with these incredible people.


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