Unexpected Moments of Joy

August 22, 2007 — Leave a comment

I was reading Paul Williams’ And So It Goes article in this week’s issue of the Christian Standard as I was walking to my office after picking it up in my mail box downstairs. Paul’s article literally stopped me in my tracks. Paul tells the powerful story of an unexpected joyful moment he shared with his daughter at her wedding a year and a half ago. As I read his written memories of a stolen moment I stood still in the hall paralyzed by the emotions this imagery evoked in me.

Upon reflection on that moment with his daughter Paul writes, “We treasure in our hearts those moments you cannot schedule or plan, when grace enters a room unannounced and showers the moment with joy.”

Like Paul, I’m a father who loves my daughter and–like Paul–I’m grateful for the stolen moments I’ve had with my daughter over the years and especially for the moments we’ve had on the ride to school for the past week.

My oldest daughter started school last week and I’ve had the privilege of taking her to school almost every day. We’ve been home-schooling my daughter for the past six years, so this is the first time I’ve had to drive her to school . . . and I’m loving it!

Each morning I get 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted time with my daughter. Just the two of us in the car. No cell-phone calls. No meetings. No interruptions. Nothing but time and conversation with my daughter . . . . and I’m cherishing it.

I have recurring thoughts during our time in the car . . .

“I love to listen to her talk.”

“I love how she thinks.”

“When did she get so beautiful?”

“God, thank you for giving Ashton to me.”

“Lord, give me wisdom . . . I want to be the best Dad I can be for this amazing young woman.”

“She’s such a good person and I’m so grateful to be her Dad.”

She talks about life, church, her friend Cassie, her dog, volleyball, High School Musical 2, we review for quizzes, and . . . occasionally she talks about . . . boys.


Please, Lord, give me strength!

Trust me, I understand that family is a gift to be nourished, cherished, and protected. I minister with a church, but I understand that my first ministry is not to Christ’s Church but to my family, because if my wife leaves me and my family falls apart no one will really care what I have to say–or write–about Jesus.

I have a clear purpose for my life. I know that God wants me to reach people for Him and help them find their way through Christ to their heavenly home, but I also know that he wants me to start each day with the people who live in my home.

So, I’m grateful for the privilege of 15-20 uninterrupted minutes with my daughter each morning.

I love it and I cherish this opportunity, because I’m not just taking my daughter to school I’m also bringing her home.


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