Speaking of our Sports Ministry

July 26, 2007 — Leave a comment

Brad Meester, the center for the Jacksonville Jaguars, comes to Christ’s Church. On his blog, Purpose In Every Step, one of our sports ministers David Lawson, describes a conversation he had with Brad about Christ’s Church.

In it Brad makes two prayer requests. I know that most of you probably have an NFL team that you root for (I’m a Colts’ fan), but do we have a team we pray for?

Here’s an excerpt:

This morning’s conversation centered around a “Special Edition” of our church sports e-newsletter I am working on for next week.
With the Jaguars on their way back to training camp, I wanted to know from him, and a few other players, what it is like being a Christian in the world of professional sports and how can we, as fans, pray for them as the season starts up.
I asked Brad if it was difficult being a Christian in the NFL. He said, “Yes and no. It’s like any other job. It definitely has hard moments like anywhere else.”One thing that has helped Brad out is getting involved in small groups. When he came to the Jaguars in 2000 he got plugged in with the team chapel services on Saturday nights and small group Bible studies with teammates Mark Brunnell and Tony Boselli.
In 2001 he started going to Christ’s Church and got plugged in with our small groups ministry. He and his wife, Jamie, have been involved in a small group ever since. He told me these small groups have helped him open up about his faith.I will share more in the e-sports page next week (to sign up to receive it each week go to http://www.sports.ccontheweb.info/).
I do want to let you know how you can be praying for Brad as he starts training camp on Friday.He mentioned two things:
1) The health and safety of all the players…that it will be an injury free season.
2) For ways to reach out to the players who are not Christians and that God will use him during the season.
They have a lot of new players. That means more opportunities to build relationships and influence people for Christ.

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