A Proud Father

July 26, 2007 — Leave a comment

I hope you can forgive me, but I want to brag on our church and my children.

Christ’s Church has a wonderful Sports Ministry. We are so grateful to be able to participate as a family in such an excellent and well-run ministry. Lives are being changed through this ministry. Has your church considered starting a sports ministry? If you would like information on how to start a sports ministry let me know and I’ll get the information to you.

Last Saturday both of my boys’ indoor soccer teams started their seasons. Here’s the story and the picture that was sent out this week:

Last Saturday was the first day of games for our youth soccer and it was a blast! Kindergartner Sylas Chambers (pictured with his hand raised) goes down in the record books for scoring the first ever soccer goal in a Christ’s Church youth soccer game!

As you can see in this picture Sylas was hungry–and it looks like a little crazed, too–for the ball!

In the next game my son Levi scored the first two goals for his team. Here is a picture of Levi and his friend Bailey.

My daughter Ashton started volleyball camp this week and my 3-year-old daughter Payton told me she wants to take up wrestling! I guess that will be helpful since she plans on ruling the world! 🙂


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