Nice review of my latest book

July 18, 2007 — Leave a comment

I was sent a link to a review of my book by Discipleship Publications International ( It’s a really nice review.

I met two of the editors from this publisher in Atlanta last week–Tom and Sheila Jones (Tom reviewed my book)–who are both authors as well. I picked up Sheila’s book Finding Balance and Tom’s book Mind Change.

They were so kind and I look forward to reading their books in the near future.

Here’s an excerpt from Tom’s review of my book:

Chambers’ work includes keen insights and considerable humor. This is not a heavy theological work, but it is also not short on fresh biblical perspectives (for example, “Purpose without identity can lead to a hypocritical existence. The Pharisees knew what on earth they were here for, but they had forgotten who on earth they were. They had works, but no faith, and works without faith are just as dead as faith without works.”

Chambers is very much in touch with the reality of the human condition. Consider this example: “But truth be told, we don’t usually fall into sin—we jump. In fact, we often step back so we can get a running start!”

The rest of the review is available here: Review of Remember Who You Are

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