Thoughts on NACC 2007–Part 3

July 9, 2007 — Leave a comment

Here are my final thoughts on the NACC 2007 . . .

  • I’m not an alumnus of Roanoke Bible College, but I feel like one. I was invited to their reception on Thursday night and it was really nice. President Perkins is a humble and kind man and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him. RBC has an incredibly strong family atmosphere. I’ve been on campus many times and felt the closeness they share, but it transcends the campus. The alumni, faculty, and staff of RBC seem to really like being together and seem to sincerely–and passionately–love their school. I love being a part of their family.
  • I’m so proud to be associated with Standard Publishing. At the NACC I had the pleasure of meeting many of the top “brass” for the company and I was incredibly impressed by their vision and passion for excellence. I was equally–if not more–impressed with the sales team. Every member of the sales team came up and introduced themselves to me and most mentioned what they were doing to help sell my book. The people I met at the Standard booth are excited about the company and the new vision, but, most importantly, they are excited about reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. Very cool.
  • Funny story . . . on Tuesday night before the main session at the NACC I saw a woman whom I’ve known for years. She and her husband are very close friends of ours. I asked about her husband and she said he was in the restroom, but that he’d been in there a long time. She was waiting for her husband outside of a hallway leading to the men’s restroom. Many people seemed to be entering the hallway to use the restroom. I didn’t pay much attention, but everything seemed normal to me. We chatted for about 5 minutes and she kept looking towards the hallway and expressing concern about her husband. “I hope he’s o.k.” she said, “He’s been in there a long time.” Finally, she asked me if I would go in and check on him. Did I tell you that we are very close friends? 🙂 I agreed. As I walked into the hallway and turned to the left to enter the men’s restroom I realized immediately what the problem was . . . this was not a door to the men’s restroom . . . it was an elevator door! I immediately started laughing and turned around. “______________(name withheld because we’re very close friends)! We’ve got a problem here. This isn’t a bathroom!” “What?!?” she screamed. At the exact moment she realized that she had been waiting for her husband outside of an elevator her husband appeared from the far end of the hall inquiring as to where she’s been for the last 15 minutes. We all had a great laugh . . . and I have a great illustration for a future sermon. . . names withheld of course.

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