Thoughts on NACC 2007–Part 1

July 6, 2007 — Leave a comment

I’m sitting in the Kansas City International airport preparing to board my flight back to Jax.

Because of a crazy schedule and expensive internet access fees this is the time I’ve been online since Tuesday morning. I refused to pay $10 for internet access at the Hotel. Didn’t feel like good stewardship to me.

Anyway . . .

This convention was an interesting one for me.

I reconnected with a lot of old friends, which was wonderful.

I was blessed by the messages. Vince Antonucci’s story about his lost son . . . “blue suit, brown hair” . . . what a powerful . . . and unforgettable illustration. Vince also pointed out that “we are God’s plan for bringing his children back into his arms” and that “we need to live lives that force people to ask questions.” After his message some important things were definitely more clear.

I’d like to go fishing with Vince.

I lead a workshop, which was a frustrating experience for me (for reasons that have everything to do with me.) I am so grateful that the participants were kind and patient with a workshop leader who was in way over his head.

They’re getting ready to load the plane, but when I get back home I’ll post my notes from the aforementioned workshop, tell you about RBC, Standard Publishing, and what happened when I went to retrieve my friend’s husband from the restroom. 😉

They’re calling my flight, so I have to go.



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