Prayer Request for Jonah Bratton and Christians in India

April 2, 2007 — 1 Comment

Our Senior Minister’s grandson, Jonah Bratton, is very sick. At Christ’s Church we’ve been praying for Jonah and his family since he got sick over a week ago.

Dennis has been sending updates on a regular basis. His update today included a reminder of the fact that Christians are still being persecuted in our world today.

Please pray for Jonah and our brothers and sisters in Christ in India.

Here’s an excerpt from Dennis’ update for this morning:

Vivek Lall, our mission partner in India, just called to tell me some disturbing news. Their church in Jabulpur, where Brenda and I have been, was praying for Jonah during their Sunday evening service when about 20 armed Hindu extremist broke in with knives and clubs and beat up men, women and children. Several of the Christians are hospitalized and in critical condition. In a related incident yesterday, the same extremists threw rocks at one of the mission’s preachers, hitting his wife who died as a result. Please keep these brothers and sisters in Christ in your thoughts and prayers.

One response to Prayer Request for Jonah Bratton and Christians in India


    Please pray for my friend who lost all his belongings in Bangalore n stuck up in a legal case for 3rys and he is unable to come out. I was the person who was supporting him financially but due to financial crisis I am unable to help him tough the case has end but we are unable to pay the penalty of 3lakshs.And the lady who has given surety to him is now bribe other to make sure that he doesn’t come to Hyderabad. Presently he is in Hyderabad but that lady is touché ring my friend and the person who is helping us by given surety from Hyderabad she is bribing cops to put them in trouble please pray for him to come out of all this problems.

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