Coach Dungy and a Powerful Witness

February 5, 2007 — 3 Comments

Way to go Colts!

I’m happy that the Colts won. It was a sloppy game, but ended well with the Colts winning the game and Peyton winning the MVP.

Something that has never been sloppy is Coach Tony Dungy’s witness. Here are his postgame comments from the AFC Championship Game:

Way to go Coach Dungy!


3 responses to Coach Dungy and a Powerful Witness


    Watching Coach Dungy accept the Vince Lombardi trophy and give credit to God for winning the game was the Ultimate Super Bowl to me.

    “Lovie Smith and I are not only the first two African-Americans but Christian coaches showing that you can win doing it the Lord’s way and we’re more proud of that,” Coach Dungy said.

    This is coming from a man who has not only expressed his faith in times of triumph but also in times of great despair. In December 2005 Coach Dungy’s oldest son was found dead in his apartment in Tampa, Florida… Just a few days before Christmas. Throughout the whole ordeal, it was Tony’s faith in Jesus Christ that allowed him to carry on, saying, “A personal relationship is the only way I’ve found true peace, joy and forgiveness.”

    Tony Dungy, his faith and absolute trust in God (in the good and the bad times) proved that God has the power to move more than just mountains but the power to move a whole team of Colts.


    Thanks for posting these clips, Arron. When the Apostle Peter healed a lame man at the temple and the crowds came running, Peter leveraged that moment in the spotlight to God’s advantage. I see Dungy doing the same thing. I’m encouraged by his words.

    I watched for something similar after the Gators won their championship (I was hoping for a timely sermon illustration) but to no avail (unless I missed something).


    That’s great! we coudln’t ask for a better coach to win!

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