We want your input

January 10, 2007 — 1 Comment

I was just reading Jennifer Taylor’s blog (http://christianstandard.com/WriteAboutNow.asp) and noticed that she’s soliciting feedback for our Christian Standard Contributing Editors’ meeting next week in Orlando.

What a great idea!

About our team of Contributing Editors she wrote:
The team really cares about the independent Christian churches, and about creating a journal to serve them. We want the magazine to be readable, relevant, and helpful to you. We’d love for it to be “can’t miss” reading. But as committed as our team may be, we don’t have all the answers. So tell us what you like–and what you think could be improved. How could the Standard jump to the top of your reading list? What’s helpful, and what’s missing? What one thing could we do differently in the next year to contribute in a big way to your ministry?

I’d like to have answers to the same questions.

If you post an idea here, I promise I’ll bring it to the attention of our team at our meeting next Monday-Wednesday.

If you’d like to make a suggestion, but you’d like it to be private (i.e. not posted on this blog) then submit your comment as normal and write “please do not post these comments.” Our Comment Options allow me to filter all Blog comments before posting. I’ll take note of your comments and then continue without posting them in the comments section of this blog.

I’m eager to hear your suggestions.


One response to We want your input



    I remember when the Christian Standard contained well-thought relevant, Biblical articles that required some thinking.

    The Lookout was lighter, more colorful and dare-I-say-it, Milk to the Standard’s meat.

    I stopped subscribing for a while and when I returned the quality of the production had gone up, but it seemed to me as if Standard had become Lookout and Lookout had become People. Our choices weren’t between meat and milke, but milk and milkshake.

    I read other journals and I’m disappointed with them as well.

    Why can’t we have well-researched, thoughtful, compassionate, Biblical articles in an attractive package?

    As for me, I’d like a steak – hot, rare and “seasoned with salt.”

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