To Save A Stranger

January 2, 2007 — 2 Comments

An amazing thing happened today: Wesley Autrey saved a stranger.

Here’s a picture of Wesley . . .

Wesley was preparing to board the subway with his two daughters when an 18-year-old stranger who was having a seizure fell onto the tracks in front of them.

A train was barreling towards the man so, without hesitation, Wesley jumped onto the tracks and threw himself on top of the young man.

Autrey said the man was still moving violently from the seizure, so he pulled him into the center of the tracks and laid on top of him. The train literally passed over the two men, and Autrey said there was “maybe” about two inches between their bodies and the speeding subway.

Here’s a quote from one of the witnesses to this heroic event . . .

“We’re looking and we can see the train coming — there’s no way the train can stop before this gentleman can get him off the tracks,” said Patricia Brown, a social worker who Autrey had handed his daughters over to before he dove onto the tracks. “So he covered him with his body and pushed him down to a point where the train wouldn’t hit his head and held him under the tracks while the train came and rolled right over the top of them.”

(T0 read the rest of the article:

Both men escaped with only minor injuries.

There are a lot of people in this world who are trapped in harms way and are in need of rescuing,but the danger of which I’m speaking is not of a physical nature, but spiritual and is even more deadly than being hit by a speeding subway train. People who die without Christ–people who are trapped by the power of sin–will not escape the final judgment with only minor injuries.

There is a coming day of judgment. Those who are covered by Christ will spend eternity with Christ in Heaven and those who lie unprotected before his wrath will spend eternity separated from Christ in Hell.

I’m so convicted by this truth.

I’ve resolved to do more in 2007 to reach lost people for Christ.

I’m embarrassed and ashamed by how many strangers I’ve knowingly allowed to lie in the path of God’s wrath while I stood by doing little, or nothing, to rescue them from their hopeless state.

Yes, I must . . . we must do more to reach lost people for Christ.

If we Christians will just open our eyes we will notice trapped strangers all around us and–upon this realization–we will find ourselves at a point of choice: stand and watch, or act and save.

I want to be like Wesley.

I hope an amazing thing happens tomorrow. Like Wesley, I hope you and I will do whatever it takes to save a stranger.


2 responses to To Save A Stranger


    That was a dynamic story. I, too, could have done more to save strangers, and would like to. My suspicion is that the “willingness” is there in most of us, but what we lack is the practical “know how” to engage that stranger. In my sales training I learned that you must know what the first words out of your mouth will be when you make first contact with a prospect. You only have ten seconds to win a hearing before they mentally, and often literally, dismiss you. Any suggestions?


    Amen brother! I believe this year will be one of change. I’m excited about the possibilities!

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