Imagine if Campbell lived today. Would he have a blog? Millennial Blogger?

December 11, 2006 — 1 Comment

This weekend I stumbled upon an interesting article on the Disciples of Christ Historical Society’s website ( It’s written by Greg Taylor the managing editor of a magazine called Wineskins ( I first read Wineskins when I was in graduate school at Abilene Christian University ( I immediately loved it and found it to be an insightful and thought-provoking periodical. Wineskins has its roots in the Churches of Christ.

In this article Greg Taylor asks an intriguing question: If Campbell lived today, would he have a blog?

And, yes . . . he mentions my blog in this article, but that’s not the only reason this article intrigued me. 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

Alexander Campbell used publishing to advance the restoration of the church. Had he lived today, how would he use media to move the restoration? What can we learn from Campbell’s use of media that can be applied to our use of media today as we advance our own understanding of restoration?
During his lifetime, Campbell wrote nearly a billion words, and his greatest legacy has been his published volumes of the Christian Baptist and the Millennial Harbinger.
These journals can be found online today. His words have a life of their own and have influenced generations. Gary Holloway said, “the growth of Campbell’s influence can be directly traced to his publishing activities.” [
1] Further, Campbell’s writing and editing was a major factor in the spread of the restoration ideal from a regional to a national movement. Campbell also influenced his contemporaries throughout the United States between 1823 and 1866 to also promote the Restoration ideal.
Imagine if Campbell lived today. Would he have a blog? Millennial Blogger?
Today, what can we learn about the spread of influence through writing from how Campbell’s publishing influenced an entire movement? Specifically, how do blogs and similar interactive media reconstitute the potential for life-changing exchanges just as the debates, dialogues, and letters to the editor of Campbell’s journals did in their halcyon days?
The goal of this essay is to look briefly at Campbell’s publishing career and influence and draw a few principles from that insight that might help set parameters for our own interaction in new media such as internet blogs and other web applications and church communication tools.

Here’s a link to the rest of the article:

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


One response to Imagine if Campbell lived today. Would he have a blog? Millennial Blogger?


    Considering that Post-Millenialism went away with WWI, I don’t know what he would have called it.
    a billion words….

    I think he would have had a blog, and there would have been an “anti-campbell” blog or something. And in his later days, when he wasn’t so hard on people with instrumental music, people would just sigh and say “he must have got a Mac…” and shake their heads.
    or something.

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