War Is Not The Answer

November 9, 2006 — 3 Comments

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching and in light of last week’s Christian Standard on the issue of war I found this clip really appropriate . . . and funny.

Remember, war is not the answer. 🙂


3 responses to War Is Not The Answer


    two things.
    1. “Marshmallow world” was sung in my schools Christmas program last year. AWESOME!
    2. My front bumper just came off of my car after bumping a curb, so this was quite painful to watch!

    “War” won’t get us anywear will it?


    Priceless. Nothing like a good laugh at the end of a tiring day… Thanks!


    Danged passafists….
    But seriously…
    Sometimes I think Christmas is just a marketing sham…
    (*”It’s owned by a big eastern syndicate you know” – Lucy Van Pelt*)

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