Feeling Homesick

October 4, 2006 — 1 Comment

You need to read Jack Reese’s article, “Our Fatherland, Our Home” in this week’s issue of the Christian Standard (http://www.christianstandard.com/articledisplay.asp?id=425).

As I was driving to work this morning I received an unexpected blessing. As I turned to get on I-95, I noticed the sunrise in the eastern sky. The sight was stunning.

The rays of the sun were towering toward heaven from the center of a gold-tinged cloud resting at the base of a crystal blue sky.

It was breath-taking and reminded me that this world is not my home.

In my heart I prayed, “Lord, I can’t wait for heaven.”

Twenty-two minutes later I logged on to the Christian Standard online and read Jack’s article. It reminded me that this world is not my home.

In his article Jack quotes the Epistle of Diognetus and then makes an important observation:

The distinction between Christians and other men is neither in country nor language nor customs. For they do not dwell in cities in some place of their own, nor do they use any strange variety of dialect, nor practice an extraordinary kind of life. . . . Yet while living in Greek and barbarian cities, according as each obtained his lot, and following the local customs, both in clothing and food in the rest of life, they show forth the wonderful and confessedly strange character of the constitution of their own citizenship.
They dwell in their own fatherlands, but as if sojourners in them; they share all things as citizens, and suffer all things as strangers. Every foreign country is their fatherland, and every fatherland is a foreign country. They offer free hospitality, but guard their purity. Their lot is cast “in the flesh,” but they do not live “after the flesh.” They pass their time upon the earth, but they have their citizenship in heaven.
Here is a word for our churches. Every foreign country is our fatherland—we belong to Korea, Paraguay, Angola, Bulgaria, and Mexico. All countries are honored. All need Jesus. We belong to them all because God loves them all and all are in need of the kingdom of God.

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    You must be busy as you are not blogging much these days. I pray you are well. I am blogging at doulasusie.blogspot.com

    Be Blessed

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