What You Believe Does Matter

August 16, 2006 — 1 Comment

I’d like to direct you to Paul Williams’ “And So It Goes” article in the current issue of the Christian Standard: http://www.christianstandard.com/andsoitgoes.asp.

In this article Paul makes an important observation:

Today too many professional and lay leaders of the church are far better versed in the practical ministry concerns of the day than they are in the Scriptures. The times demand that we understand the size building that needs to be constructed, the best health-insurance plan for the ministry staff, the hottest sermon series to fill the pews, and the least time-intensive way to get new members “around the bases.”

The only problem with the current complexity of ministry is it leaves many church leaders disinterested in theology. Take the issue of determining what beliefs and practices are essential for every Christian in every culture and every age. Often when I try to bring up such weighty subjects with my ministry friends, their eyes glaze over and I am accused of being “too intellectual.” One friend considers my theological interests to be as irrelevant as the knowledge of Cliff, the postal-working keeper of irrelevant facts in the old comedy show Cheers.

Too intellectual? Cut me some slack.

Paul’s closing point is well made and timely, “What you believe and practice about God, the Scriptures, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Spirit, and a plethora of other subjects does matter.”

One response to What You Believe Does Matter


    the congregation with which i worship has been accused of being illiterate! so we are enduring a series of wed night messages on what we believe. attendance has been 70% of our entire congregation, so that tells me we have hit a sore spot. praise God for our willingness to learn. thank you for rejoicing with me. dzzydame elaine

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