Su Doku

August 8, 2006 — Leave a comment

Have you played this game, yet?

My friend Brent shared it with my daughter, who shared it with my wife, who shared it with me and now I can’t stop Su Dokuing.

It’s an utterly addictive number-placing puzzle. It’s like crosswords without words and it requires a lot of logic and patience.

Well, I’m addicted to this game, because I’ve found it to be a great stress reducer.

Sometimes life, ministry, finances, book-writing, and trying to keep my dog from peeing on the floor every time I attach his leash so I can take him outside can be a little overwhelming and it’s nice to do something that allows my mind to disengage a little.

Can you relate?

This game is becoming really popular. If you don’t believe me just go to any bookstore and you’ll see an entire section now devoted to Su Doku.

This game reminds me of other games that have been popular (or continue to be popular) in the past like the Rubik’s Cube, Crossword-puzzles, and that game/IQ test on the tables at Cracker Barrel that is a wooden triangle with holes and colored golf tees and you have to jump the other golf tees and try to leave as few as possible.

Why are games like this so popular?

Is it because God created us with an intrinsic desire to overcome challenges because He has great plans for our lives that will require us to use our minds to strategize our way through, our logic to figure a way when no way seems clear, our wills and a tenacious spirit that will refuse to quit until the challenge is overcome, so He created us with the tools that would allow us to do great things for him, but we too often avoid even small challenges because we choose to live safe, shallow, and simple lives–preferring simple Su Doku challenges to scary “walking-on-the-water” challenges–because Su Doku satisfies this desire we have to overcome a challenge, but it doesn’t risk our comfort, safety, reputation, or finances, so we indulge in puzzles like Su Doku because they are satisfying, but not terrifying. . . or do we like games like Su Doku because they are fun?

I don’t know, but I think it’s a challenge worth figuring out.


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